What is a Coach/Therapist?

A coach whose priority is to help an individual succeed in various aspects of life that they once thought themselves incapable of being successful within. This type of coach will guide you through decisions and help you execute decisive actions that will ultimately help you achieve your goals. A life coach can assist you with obtaining success in the smallest to largest parts of life is it getting a job or harnessing your true potential.

What happens during a Coaching/Therapy session?

Throughout a coaching/therapy session with a coach /therapist you'll experience assistance from a professional like you've never known before. The Coach/Therapist will inquire pertinent questions that will spark life changing thought to occur in your mind. By doing so, the coach hopes to help you gain more out of a hopeless looking situation. The coach is also looking to assist you in the process of achieving your goals and preserving your mental health. The Coach/Therapist is only there for support and guidance while you won't ever be forced to make a decision. In fact, the Coach/Therapist is there for your benefit, so each session will only bear fruits for you to reap.

What is Integrative Therapy?

Integrative Therapy is an approach that emphasises the value of all individuals. Practitioners attempt to integrate all aspects of the personality such as feelings, perceptions and unresolved conflicts into a cohesive whole; that encourages their client to approach life more positively, without prejudice, pre-formed opinions or attitudes.model recognizes the use of other therapeutic approaches such as Person-centred therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, Transactional analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy attempts to fuse them into an approach that is of benefit to the individual. The facilitation of a person's 'wholeness', to improve their quality of life, is one of the most important features of Integrative Therapy.

Does Therapy work?

Many people feel great benefits from Therapy, even after comparatively few meetings. When you come to a turning point in your life, help from someone who has experience of such difficulties and an understanding of the processes you need to go through can be invaluable.

How many sessions till see results?

The answer to that question varies from person to person. Everyone is unique which means their needs are also unique. Some people will gain benefit from one session while others may take a few sessions before they begin to see an advantageous change occurring in their life.

Can I have a session online or on the phone?

There are some advantages in meeting a life coach in person which won't be present when spoken through the phone or online. However, you can indeed meet a Coach/Therapist online whenever it's convenient for you as they're ready to help you out in your time of need.

How much does life Coaching/Therapy cost?

Session determines the price, and there are various factors to take into consideration before determining a final price. It all comes down to the life coach and what they deem to be a fair and reasonable price depending on length and methods used.

How will Therapy help me?

However little or large your mental issue may be; a Therapist is certainly the individual you want to seek. From depression to anxiety a Therapist will help you overcome mental obstacles that were blocking you from the happiness of life. You can receive assistance from a Therapist for various mental problems, and you'll find that speaking to a trained professional is one of the most beneficial treatments available.

Will my information be kept private?

Your personal information's security is one of the top priorities of a disciplined life Coach/ Therapist. They'll keep everything confidential and ensure that every word said is kept between you and the professional. This is how serious coaching and therapy with Insight Integrated Therapies.

How do I know if a Coach/Therapist can help me?

If you've found yourself stuck with an issue and always have it running through your head, then you should know it's time to see a Coach/ Therapist. It can be as small as needing someone to talk to; a coach will certainly be there when no one else is.

What's required of me?

The coach/Therapist will need you to focus on yourself and follow their instructions. You'll be asked to break mental barriers and be honest with yourself in regards to what the issue may be.

How do I know if I need Coaching/Therapy?

You may wish to embark on a series of sessions for some reasons: to gain clarity on an issue, change old patterns, untangle complex personal issues or for self-development. You may seek to therapy as a result of a crisis, or you may be encouraged to try to therapy by family members, friends or colleagues.

How do you ensure a cooperative partnership?

Overall, be prepared to design the collaboration with the Coach/Therapist. For example, think of a strong partnership that you currently have in your work or life. Look at how you built that relationship and what is important to you about the partnership. You will want to take those same things into a coaching/therapeutic relationship. Here are a few other tips:

Interview more than one Coach/Therapist to determine "what feels right" regarding the chemistry.

Coaches/Therapists are accustomed to being questioned, and an initial conversation of this type is usually free of charge.

Look for stylistic similarities and differences between the Coach/Therapist and you and how these might support your growth as an individual or the growth of your team.

Discuss your goals for coaching/therapy within the context of the Coach's/Therapist’sspeciality or the Coach's/Therapists preferred way of working with an individual or team

Talk with the Coach/Therapist about what to do if you ever feel things are not going well; make some agreements up front on how to handle questions or problems.
Remember that Coaching/Therapeutic is a partnership, so be assertive about talking with the Coach/Therapist about any concerns.

How do I pay?

My clients pay by bank transfer or credit card (via PayPal).

Do you offer a complimentary session? - what happens?

It's a friendly discussion. First, we look at the challenges and issues that are concerning you. I'll explain the way that my way of working may help you achieve the changes you desire and the different approaches we could adopt.
Then we'll do 15-20 of more focused coaching on a topic of your choice. This help's you decide whether Coaching/Therapy is right for you, and also whether I'm the right coach for you.

Finally, I'll ask very directly if you would like to do more work with me. There is no obligation to say yes and at no point during the call do I make the assumption that you will become a client.

What is the Money back guarantee?

Your full payment will be refunded to you if after the first session you find that you are not happy with the service. No quibbles and your money back.
I will also offer you to point you in the way of suitable alternatives.


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