Insight Therapy & Counselling


-Looking from the Present into the Past to create a Clear Future-


Therapeutic counselling is a powerful, collaborative conversation that brings about positive change. In psycho-therapeutic counselling, the issues tend to be rooted in the past and must be resolved in the past to achieve happiness and well-being.

Why do people come to me for Psycho-Therapeutic Counselling?

· Emotions feeling unusually intense: We all feel negative and positive emotions daily, some more intensely than others. Emotions such as anger, stress, depression, anxiety, or guilt,shame, Envy, Fear, jealousy etc are felt by most people from time to time, the problem is when it is regular and it begins to impair or significantly change your ability to function. I am here to support you in getting to grips with these emotions and convert them from unhealthy negative emotions to their healthier counterparts, allowing you to be present and happy in life.

· Suffered a trauma and can’t seem to stop thinking about it: Breakups, loss of a job, or a death in the family all come along with a great deal of pain. At times, we think those feeling will go away on their own, sad to say that it’s not always the case. I am here to help you through those difficult times in life giving you the professional support you deserve.

· Using a substance to cope: If you find yourself drinking, using drugs or other substances (including food) more often, or even thinking about them more than usual it could be a sign that you are numbing feelings that are crying out to be addressed. I will support you in addressing whatever it may be that you feel you must numb, releasing you from struggle into a happier more peaceful life.

· Feeling negative about work and getting bad feedback: Performance at work and feelings towards work can be affected when struggling with emotional or psychological issues. As most adults spend most of our time at work unaddressed issues can affect our performance and concentration, triggering negative feedback or a negative feeling towards work. I am here to support you deal with these emotional and psychological issues, giving you energy and a positive outlook towards work.

· Disengaged from activities you previously loved: Things like meeting with friends, engaging in activities we enjoy give us a sense of happiness and well-being. At times, we find ourselves disengaged from these activities for whatever reason life throws at us. I will support you in identifying the underlying reasons for this and help you regain some clarity and start in a new direction.

· Your relationships are strained: You may be having trouble in communicating how you feel or even noticing your, or the other persons feelings in the moment. From romantic relationships to loved ones and friends, interactions can at times be difficult, to say the least. I will empower you to make better choices in communication and share powerful tools to help you achieve happy, peaceful, and loving relationships.

· Friends and loved ones expressing concern: At times changes in our behavior are not as easily noticed by us than by our friends and family. Are you okay? I’m worried about you, maybe you should speak to someone about this may ring a bell. I will support you in finding the underlying cause of what has been noticed by the people around you, giving you back your happiness and joy in life.

'In life we connect the dots backwards and not forwards to make sense of it all'

~Jarell Bempong