Insight Corporate



4 Weeks

2 x Fitness Class per week

1 x Wellness Workshop

1 x Team building event

1 x ©Mindfitness Class




1-25 Members of staff

2 x Fitness Class Per week

2 x Wellness Workshops

2 x ©Mindfitness Class

1 x Team building event



25-50 Members of staff

4 x Fitness Class Per week

4 x Wellness Workshops

4 x ©Mindfitness Classes

2 x team building events



50+ Members of staff

Bespoke Fitness Timetable

Weekly ©Mindfitness Classes

12 x Wellness workshops

4 x Team building events


Bespoke Programme

Every business is unique.. so whilst we’ve listed some of our most popular packages, we also regularly create bespoke programs. We take the time to fully understand you,your business demographic, physical restrictions and your wellness objectives, and then we’ll come up with an unbeatable value-for-money program that will pay itself back in less than a month.

We also Offer:

Massage: Enjoy our drop in massage sessions. They will help to release tension, decrease stress and improve posture.

Classes: Including, Yoga, Pilates, Mindfitness, Guided Mindfulness With many more to choose from.

Personal Training: One:One consultation and exercise program tailored to each client's goals and needs.

Life & Wellness Coaching: One:One sessions using motivational techniques to facilitate positive lifestyle changes and nurture employees to seek out life fulfillment.

Mindfulness Courses: Mindfulness has been gathering much attention over recent years as a tried-and-tested method of reducing stress and anxiety. This course shows staff techniques used in mindfulness.

Sports Tournaments: From football, volleyball to table tennis, our sports tournaments are not just a fun activity for staff  team building, but also gets staff active too.




  • Corporate Wellbeing programs reduce employee health risks and related costs while raising productivity and morale.

  • Increase employee engagement (commitment, loyalty, retention)

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Reduce absenteeism (saving direct costs for temps and training; and indirect costs for management time, reallocation of work, potential loss of clients and business)

  • Reduce presenteeism (estimated 1.5 times more expensive than absenteeism, through sub-performance, mistakes and accidents)

  • Improve productivity (including alertness, concentration and judgment)

  • Improve morale and employee up-skilling in areas not immediately obvious through their work functions

  • Attract the best talent

  • Reduce ancillary expenses (i.e. potential legal costs, claims, private healthcare costs, company insurance etc)

  • Improve brand

  • Demonstrate sustainable business practices


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