How we do it



I do not insist on a certain number of meetings as its impossible to tell. Instead, I take a pragmatic view that you are in control, and can come for meetings as and when you want  within a 6 or 12 month period.

Change is a process and happens over time and not over set meetings.  I often find one issue can be replaced by another, and many of my clients have more than one issue at a time.  As one issue is overcome, another can sometimes emerge.

I’m here for you! Once I’ve got your background story and understand your Issue, Goal and your Commitment, there’s no need to repeat the details. You can just book a slot as frequently or infrequently as you want.


Here's some general guidance on how some of my client engagements often work, based on the clients I've worked with:

The initial few meetings are about Discovery  ( 2-3 meetings in general) are mainly to asses your issues, goals, background and commitment, next is the Unpacking (4-6 meetings in general) where the background of the issue is further explored and come to terms with. The rest of our time is focused on resolution  of the issue.

  • As an introduction, we will start with a Free 30 Minute Consultation.

  • A stand alone face to face 1 Hour Discovery meeting to discuss the Issue, Goals and background in more depth 

  • Following meetings in the 6 or 12 month period are usually 45-50 minutes, in person, over the phone or via video link

  • The first thing we'll do if we decide to work together is to gain clarity on our Issue, Goals and your commitment: What does success look like for you? How would you know when you are there ? What needs to happen?

  • If I work with a client, it's usually over a period of at least 3 months.

  • We will usually have meetings every 1-2 weeks.

  • If we meet in person, it's usually in Central London or Islington. 

  • I'll provide you with a safe space to discuss what's important to you. I'll support and challenge you with questions and feedback.

  • Creating change is about force and momentum, so between meetings will negotiate assignments for you.

Sometimes this isn't the best way to work with a client. If after our Discovery meeting we decide to work together, we will discuss how to make it work so that you can create the changes you want to create, and make sure we have an engagement which supports you to do that.


Significant advantages:

·         You are positioned as a person who is empowered, who has the ability to make important decisions about your treatment

·         It means that I am there for you whenever you need me most.  

·         Works  for most people who have busy lives that the therapy or coaching needs to fit around.

·         Ability to deal with stuff as it comes up

·         Helps you remember what it is you learn and apply it on a day to day basis rather than sealing off the session as something that is complete and over and done with.

·         Also, difficulties which have their roots back in early childhood can take a longer time to process, and it is not necessary to be seeing the therapist every week during that time.

·         Easy flexible online booking and scheduling.