©Mindfitness Class


-Creating the Mental space for Health and Well-being to grow-

"The mind is the most important part of achieving any fitness goal. Mental change always comes before physical change" 

~Matt McGorry


©Mindfitness trains the mind to create a greater sense of Mental, Emotional and physical Health and Well-being through positive powerful visualizations, Mindfulness , Linguistic programming(NLP), Hypnotherapy, Rational and Cognitive therapy(RET & CBT) and Positive Psychology techniques in a studio class format.

What are the benefits of the ©Mindfitness class?

    Relaxation in a fitness class? No your not dreaming! Its a full one hour work out with absolutely no physical exertion...apart from breathing that is.


  Scientifically Proven Benefits Include:

  •  Improved General & emotional Health: Stress and its physical symptoms are drastically reduced, decreased depression and its symptoms and improved cardiovascular health,lower incidence of smoking, more physical activity, and a healthier body mass index. 

  •  Physical Benefits: Connecting the mind and body through breathing exercises proven to reduce pain and high blood pressure and also help with weight-loss and increased physical activity.

  • Mental Benefits: By generating Alpha waves in our brain(8 to 12 Hz) the more control you exert over our thoughts leading to stronger will, focus and clarity of thought.

  • Enhance your personal relationships

  • Develop instant confidence & ignite motivation

  • Learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before

  • Promote deep relaxation & resilience


If you would like to gain all of this in an hour, then Call 02076071602 for more information.