Insight Coaching

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-Stepping out from the Present into a Clear Future-


Transformational coaching is a powerful, collaborative conversation that brings about positive change. In coaching the focus is on the present and how change can be achieved in the now for a brighter future.

Why do people come to me for coaching?

·  A brand-new development in life: People often face difficulties when faced with a brand-new challenge in life. From marriage to a new Business, although wonderful can also be daunting and challenging. I am here to help you navigate and move forward in a confident more enjoyable manner.

· Dealing with misfortune: At time life throws us a curve ball and we are faced with a bad situation. From the death of a loved one to losing your job, life can be tough. I provide a safe space to talk through the grief lessening its effect and providing effective tools to help you move into a more peaceful and happier place.

· Feeling a bit stuck in life: At times life seems to be at a standstill, be it in business, financial situation, or relationship. It isn’t always easy to see why you are stuck and why things seem to be on pause. I will help you Identify the blockages and then work to destroy them allowing you to realise your dreams and ambitions.

· Want something but stuck on choices and their implications: At times when we really want something, the choices, and implications around it can seem overwhelming and often can cause inaction or hesitation. From changing career to starting a new relationship, I will support you in working on the fear and resistance, helping you to move forward with conviction and confidence.

· Feeling confusion in life: Life is a complex thing and our beliefs and thought processes need adjustments from time to time. I will support you in shifting unhelpful and unhealthy beliefs and thoughts into more helpful healthier versions, giving you more power and force in your own life.

· At a difficult crossroad: You may have taken the first steps to happiness and well-being by leaving a toxic relationship or finally quit that job that was just triggering misery in your life. You may be thinking, what do I do now? I am here to help you figure out the answer to that question and support you into a more happy, authentic life.

'Some things are in our control and some things are not'